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Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear?


First and foremost, something comfortable! :) Bring something lighter and something darker as we may use a couple of backdrops. I normally will use this light one and move to a darker one after that. Co-ordinating rather than matching is key. If you're not sure please feel free to send me a few snaps of what you're thinking and we'll go from there!

What happens after my shoot?

portrait headshot.jpg

This is the best part!  We'll make a time for you to come back in and view your images. This is where you will CHOOSE and PAY for your prints so bring any decision makers in with you. PS I love seeing my clients' reactions to their photos - its the best thing ever.

Do you charge a session fee?

_U8A2311-original cropbw 2.JPG

Yes I do. This $150 fee is to confirm your portrait session and covers makeup for one person. I have this fee for both of us as it guarantees your spot is booked just for YOU and you only, there will be no double bookings! Also, for me, it guarantees you'll turn up to your shoot (yes, I know, in the past people have just not turned up which is so frustrating as it means I can't book anyone else for that session!).  

Do you provide makeup?


Your makeup is included in your sitting fee. I always recommend getting makeup done for your shoot - how often do you get your photos taken? And you will NOT regret getting at least your makeup done!  If you are a makeup artist and prefer to do your own then that's great!  (I can organise hair too, for a small fee).

What happens at my shoot?


Before the shoot we will have had a conversation about what you want from your photography session, your style, how many kids/friends/dogs etc. My wee home studio is situated on the first floor (so yes, it's up some stairs).  It is tiny, so suited to smaller families (2-3 kids) although I've had a family of 7, up here which was fun, and hilarious not to mention hot!  But yeah, let's stick to your 2.4 children and we'll be just fine. :)

Typically shoots run around 30-45 mins but obviously depends on amount of people etc.

And don't worry, EVERYONE is nervous before their shoot but I will tell you exactly what to do (plus you get a glass of wine to take the edge off). :)

Do you sell JUST digitals?

Short story, no. However, with any print you purchase, you will receive the full resolution digital negative so never fear, you'll be able to print them off as much as you like. Honestly, once you see these babies printed, you'll wish all your photos were. :)

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