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Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear?


First and foremost, something comfortable! :) 
But I recommend some lovely neutrals and soft colours as the background is light and less contrast always looks better (in my humble opinion!). You want to be co-ordinating rather than matchy matchy, right? 

Will you shoot full length?


No! So you can wear your slippers if you like! I very rarely shoot full length - it's just not my thing. I prefer to get a bit closer and catch those connections. 

Do you charge a session fee?


Yes I do. This $100 fee is to confirm your portrait session. I have to have this fee for both of us as it guarantees your spot is booked just for YOU and you only, there will be no double bookings! Also, for me, it guarantees you'll turn up to your shoot (yes, I know, in the past people have just not turned up which is so frustrating as it means I can't book anyone else for that session!).  

However, sometimes when I run a competition or special I will waive this session fee (I will still need a $50 deposit but this is totally refundable after your portrait session). So basically you just pay for your images, no session fee! Keep an eye out for my specials by following my Facebook page and Instagram page!

Do I wear normal makeup?


I always recommend booking hair and makeup for your shoot - how often do you get your photos taken? And you will NOT regret getting at least your makeup done!  Please let me know if you'd like any H&MU recommendations! And don't forget to tell them its for a photo shoot. :)

However, if you are comfortable wearing makeup and doing your own, then by all means go ahead! I would recommend wearing more makeup than normal as the lighting takes away some of the colour and I'm always surprised and how different it looks in a photo than when you see your makeup in real life! More makeup doesn't necessarily mean too colourful though - keep it natural but just apply it a bit more liberally than normal.  

Can I pay my portraits off?


Absolutely! I've now partnered with long term Buy Now Pay Later provider Payright NZ. You can pay off your portraits in smaller, more manageable portions.

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