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Let me ask you this... how much do you pay a plumber per hour? And do expect those products to last one lifetime? Two lifetimes? More? Now, I understand photography isn't an essential item (like fixing your leaky washing machine!) but to put it into perspective, your portraits should last LIFETIMES. Who has photographs of their grandparents? Most of us have seen a photo or two of our grandparents and photos weren't that accessible back then, and we didn't have the knowledge or technology to keep them as well as we do now. With the right care we can have our portraits for a very long time and our grandchildrens' grandchildren will be looking at them (and probably laughing at what we wore!).

Or, have a think about how often you get your hair done. Every 6-8 weeks for a cut and colour? $300+ each time?  Imagine paying $600 for beautiful images that will last a few lifetimes, not just 4 months.


Ok so with that in mind, here's the following:


To secure your booking slot:

Studio $100

Outdoor $150 (outdoor sessions are strictly pre-dusk; around 7:30pm summer, 5:30pm winter)


From there I have collections starting at $430 (for family portrait sessions) to $995 for all the digital files in your gallery. Most families spend around $750 which includes a heap of digitals plus matching black and white files (and also matching small files perfect for posting so social media).  I am fully transparent - there are no hidden costs so you will know exactly what to expect after your shoot.


I also have payment plans through PayRight.  

Headshots start at $180 incl GST.

I would love to hear your ideas for your portrait session - let's chat! 0274 887 544.

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If you're wanting a photography service  that's not listed or more images in a package, please let me know and I can get you a qu0te.

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